Tips for a Great Brazilian Wax

If you are new to Brazilian Waxing, you are in good hands. Chantelle Esthetics is known for great Brazilian Waxing and customer service. Chantelle has been performing this service regularly since 2010 and has perfected the art. Here are some tips to make your Brazilian Wax the best experience possible.

Before your Brazilian Wax:

  • Grow your hair out to at least a quarter (1/4) inch.
  • Schedule your appointment for a time most convenient for you.
  • Take an Advil or Aleve about 45 minutes before your appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before your appointment.
  • Avoid tanning the day before and day of your appointment.
  • Exfoliate the area being waxed the day before your appointment.

During your Brazilian Wax:

  • Relax, it’s going to be great!

After your Brazilian Wax:

  • Use a loofa or washcloth to mildly exfoliate the area every day.
  • Keep your skin and the growing hair moisturized with an unscented moisturizer.
  • Wear loose clothing at night to allow hair follicles to breathe.
  • Avoid tight fitting pants or shorts, vigorous activities, and hot water for 24 hours.
  • Avoid exfoliating, tanning, hot tubs, and chlorine for 48 hours.

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