NOTICE: Chantelle Esthetics has recently moved to 801 W Deyoung Street in Marion (ACT Office Complex). See you there for your next appointment!

Welcome to the waxing studio, Chantelle Esthetics, located in Southern Illinois. Chantelle has been specializing in Brazilian, Body, and Facial Waxing since 2010 and offers hair removal services with confidence.

Waxing is commonly used to remove excess and unwanted hair and has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Learn more by reading “Details about Waxing”. Browse the site menu to learn more about Brazilian, Body, and Facial Waxing at Chantelle Esthetics.

Create your own waxing experience by scheduling an appointment today! Contact Chantelle at 618-751-5056 or schedule an appointment online.


Chantelle Esthetics BBB Business Review

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“I am very satisfied with Chantelle’s service. Chantelle is very professional with business she makes sure each client has her expertise & privacy of services rendered. Also she gives her undivided Rep ore’ with every client. #regardlesstocreed/gender #treatseveryprofessional”


“Chantelle is an excellent esthetician. I recommend her to all of my friends!”