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Chantelle Esthetics BBB Business Review

Excessive and unwanted hair is a common problem that affects both men and women. Throughout the years, hair has been removed using a variety of methods. Brazilian, body, and facial waxing has become increasingly popular as Chantelle continues to perfect the skill. Women comprise the majority of waxing clients, removing hair from their eyebrows, lip, underarms, legs, and more. Hair removal for men is also on the rise, including their back, chest, and eyebrows.

Chantelle Esthetics uses the correct waxing technique, appropriate materials, and proper temperatures to obtain the best results. The use of hard (strip-less) or soft (removed with a strip) wax is determined based on the area being waxed and the clients skin sensitivity. Hard wax is gentle enough for the face, yet strong enough to remove course hair. The skin is protected with an oil barrier so the wax can shrink wrap around the hairs and remove them by the root. Soft wax is great for larger areas of the body and thin, fine hairs. It adheres to the top layer of skin and the hairs, quickly removing hair and exfoliating the skin.

Sanitation is important and the wax room is a clean and private. The bed, tables, and implements are all disinfected after each client with a hospital grade disinfectant solution. Disposable wax sticks and gloves are discarded after each use. The service is not messy and the client will not leave sticky.

Before any hair removal service, client consultations are always necessary. A client assessment form is completed to disclose all products, medications, allergies, and sensitivities. Proper precautions are taken for maximum safety during and after the service.

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“Chantelle is the most thorough beautician I have ever had the pleasure of seeing! I get a monthly Brazilian wax and it is PERFECT every time! She is most definitely an artist and it shows in all of the services she does.”


“Chantelle is the best esthetician you will find in this area. She is usually offering fun deals and specials as well!!!”